We believe God's church is an adventurous and dynamic place to be, where our ordinary lives can become extraordinary through His power, love, and grace. To this end, we seek to constantly live and grow in Christ by studying the Bible and communicating with Him through prayer. Because Christ freely gives us favor we don't deserve, we show this same grace to others. Our highest priority is building relationships with people and inviting them to experience Jesus. Our Life Groups, church services, and community service opportunities are conduits for building these relationships. We believe we are called by God to glorify Him, declare His victory and call His people out with the full gospel message that we are saved by grace and transformed by grace.





Worship - We personally experience the awesome presence of God's Spirit in our everyday lives, resulting in joy.


Real Community in Life Groups - We belong to a loving group of people who live in authentic relationships and pursue shared eternal purposes, creating an environment of acceptance. 


Continuous Spiritual Growth - We nurture and disciple believers for their ministry in the church and their mission in the world, resulting in healing where people learn to hear the voice of God, escape unhealthy patterns of thinking and believing, and live in freedom and fulfillment with Jesus.


Generously Sharing - We freely share our story, our time, our talents with others in a life of purpose, as we participate in the continuing story of God's loving redemptive interaction with His creation.


Inviting Others - We warmly invite people to connect with God and with other believers, creating an experience of compassion where people connect with Jesus, accept His grace, and trust Him as their life leader.