Prayer Requests

We would love to pray for you.  If you have any prayer requests, feel free to send them to us in the box to the right. If you would like to talk to someone about your request or have someone pray with you over the phone, please make note of that in your comment.

Prayer Gathering

If you would like to grow in your prayer life join us for our:  "Growing in Prayer" monthly prayer gathering and teaching time. This is open to everyone - from those who have never prayed out loud to those who are very comfortable praying with others. We will begin by getting to know each others comfort level with prayer, maybe music to "dial down", teaching and then ending with in actual time in prayer. 

We will gather every 3rd Friday of each month at 6:30-8pm in the office. We will use "Growing in Prayer" by Mike Bickle, "A Real-Life Guide to Talking with God" as our study guide which will be provided. Please text Dennis Crane, 509.910.7772 to register or ask questions.


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We're Longing for  More


  "There must be a lot of people out there sharing my struggle.  One of the greater surprises from my almost thirty years of pastoral ministry is how secretly discouraged most Christians are with prayer.  We look around church and assume everyone else must be praying more and better than we are.  With rare exception, they are not.  We hear inspiring sermons from the pulpit on the magnificence of prayer and assume our pastors and church staff members must enjoy extraordinary experiences of prayer together.  With rare exception, they do not.   We see extensive lists of prayer needs pouring in from broken and desperate people assuming that someone will engage the power of God in intercessory support for those needs.  Too often, they will not.
According to George Barna, the  majority of born again Christians admit that their bi-weekly attendance at worship services is generally the only time they worship God.  Eight out of ten believers do not feel they have entered into the presence of God or experienced a connection with  Him during the worship service.  Half of all believers say they do not feel they have entered the presence of God or experienced a genuine connection with Him in the past year.  Whether we are in a church service of going about our weekly routines, it seems that our longing for transformation in Christ's presence remain unsatisfied.
In spite of our common environment of spiritual superficiality, religious routines, and massive distraction, I am convinced that true believers carry an unquenchable appetite for legitimate life change.  We hunger for worship encounters with His holy presence that mark us and make us more like Jesus.  Deep within we know there is another dimension of Christian living beyond a cultural faith that  simply  checks in with God at church or in times of  crisis.  We are tired of feeling board, inept, confused, frustrated, or weary, in  any sense, with the idea of prayer.  We envision the  power of  the  living Christ and  His  gospel inflaming our hearts to serve as agents of real transformation in the society.  We yearn for real change but know that somehow it must begin with us."

From "Transforming Prayer" by Daniel Henderson,Bethany House Publishers, 2011.